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How to Prepare Your Car For Fall in Vallejo


Fall is the perfect season to prepare your car for a dangerous and harsh winter season. It is essential to know how to prepare your car during fall season in order to be equipped and avoid unexpected tragedies that might happen along the way. Try to check these car parts and have it checked through a professional and licensed garage.

Practical Tips:


Tires need to be checked from time to time, but to prepare for the harsh winter season, it is better to have a thorough inspection especially its pressure and depth. Place tires that are designed to give you a grip on slippery roads and conduct a wheel alignment in order to ensure to drive smoothly and safely.
Wiper Blades, Defrosters and Heater
These parts needs to be checked because winter season is cold anywhere. The vehicle should have proper heating, ventilation and air conditioning in order to drive safely and avoid certain problems that will arise along the way. Check or replace also the wiper blades as needed. You can ask Bright Start Towing to do it for you.



It is important to have a fully functional brake at all times. When it does not grip or work properly, it can put you to danger. So better check the brake system including the rotors, drums and brake linings. Test it while driving or ask the technician to check the brakes for anything that can make it weary.


Cold weather can affect the condition of your car’s battery. If it is not new and has been used for more than three years, better replace it through the help of a reliable technician. Make sure it is also clean and free from corrosion. Call Bright Start Towing so they can recommend the right battery for your vehicle.

Other car parts

Every part of your car should work together in order to avoid breakdown while driving. Have the engine checked and other car parts. Schedule an appointment from Bright Start Towing so that you can drive without worries and hassles. The company has the best people and equipments to prepare your vehicle from the danger of winter season.

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