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Bright Start Towing, Simply the Best in Vallejo

Bright Start Towing supplies comprehensive towing and roadside assistance services to Vallejo residents, business owners and visitors. We and an affiliate network of independent towing techs will provide you with premier quality solutions, at highly affordable prices.
Bright Start Towing is a fully licensed towing and roadside assistance service provider, our techs are all highly trained and extensively experienced, our equipment is top of the line, we are incomparably efficient and follow a strict honest billing policy. Since we operate 24/7, all year round, we are always available. Our extensive fleet ensures we always have someone at the ready to be sent off, our intimate knowledge of Vallejo and its surroundings allow us to guarantee fast arrival to any location within our coverage area.

If you are in Vallejo and find that you need any kind of towing or roadside service, just give us a call and get the best possible service for a price that’s hard to beat.

Fast, Reliable and Highly Professional

There are several things which give Bright Start a definite edge over competition. The first is our top of their filed, professional techs. At Bright Start Towing we employ only well trained, extensively experienced techs, our techs are just the type of professionals you want handling the tow job you require or providing you with the roadside service you need.
We value your time, we know how eager you are to get back on track, this is why we make ourselves constantly available (24/7, 365 days a year).
We equip our techs with top class, well maintained equipment so that they can put their expertise to full use.
We operate a large enough fleet so that we constantly have someone available to be sent over.
We are local so we know our way around Vallejo and guarantee fast arrival to any location in or around the city.

Top Class Towing Services

Bright Start Towing supplies any and all towing services, among these are:

Roadside Assistance

Bright Start Towing can provide you with any and all types of roadside assistance services. We offer:

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